• Develop an overall move or "age in place" plan 
  • Decide what to take
  • Sort and organize all your possessions for relocation or aging in place
  • Organize important documents and arrange for the shredding of outdated  documents
  • Handle change of address and transfer of utilities
  • Create a floor plan for the furniture
  • Make moving arrangements
  • Pack and unpack
  • Coordinate moving day
  • Set up the new home
Arrange furniture
Arrange china cabinets and shelves to look the
way they did before the move
Set up kitchen, bathroom, and closets
Make beds
Hang pictures
Set clocks
Connect telephones, answering machine, televisions, computers, lamps, etc.

  • Shop for items needed in the new home
  • Find good homes for treasures of a lifetime
Arrange for their shipment
Arrange for the profitable disposal of items through auction, estate sale, 
donation, or a combination of these methods

  • Help prepare the former home to be sold

  • Estate Dispersal:
Remove personal belongings
Determine the best method to dispose of items
  • Other Services: 
Open and close winter home
Arrange for transport of automobile
Provide Personal Move Management Services 
The list above is just a sampling of our services.  
Smooth Transitions® of South Florida is here to help you in any way we can. 

Charges are based on hourly rates plus expenses. A deposit is required at time of contract. The cost of services from Smooth Transitions® of South Florida is frequently covered by the sale of leftover items in the home. Call for more information or a free one hour consultation. 
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Smooth Transitions® of South Florida can help:
Arrange for cleaning 
Arrange for the disposal of hazardous waste and of other items not moving
Arrange for repairs
Contact realtor

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